Conveyor Specialist offers a wide selection of high quality conveyor belt system. With the right conveyor experts on the team, we can rest assure you that you only get what you deserve.

At Conveyor Specialist Inc., we used engineered products and services to provide optimum solutions to those who need new conveyor belt system or conveyor belt system maintenance. As we aim to give our customers only the best, we provide unprecedented level of service. The following are just a few highlights of the things we can do for you:

  • Eliminate carryback and spillage in conveyor belt transfer points.
  • Insure proper conveyor belt tracking throughout the entire system and ensure proper product supply and solution for aging conveyor system.
  • Enhance overall conveyor performance through expert recommendation and product update.

Increasing production capabilities?

  • Stop conveyor chute plugging, remove dust that hampers efficient conveyor functions, and fix chute plugging.
  • Optimize life for conveyor belts and components, which have worn out due to wear and tear of daily use.
  • Control the impact on the conveyor belt by using soft loading design, which has a proven efficiency for many years now.
  • Minimize the abrasion to the chute liners and other essential conveyor components to control the noise.
  • Install proper coordination for rate and speed the belt to achieve perfect speed and easy control
  • Make sure that the conveyor belt are properly aligned throughout the load zone

Achieving proper control and suppression?

  • Remove all dust and cleanse 100 percent, including the curved chute to make sure efficient function
  • Skirt properly and make sure internal wear and impact resistant chute liners are in proper control and coordination
  • Fix the dust curtains and facilitate proper air movement

Minimizing noise and spillage?

  • Load the material properly
  • Load the materials at a proper interval, or uniform rate while the belt speed is moving
  • ┬áCustomize or do necessary adjustments for the belt cleaner design to match the performance required to reduce the carry back
  • Maintain the alignment of the conveyor belt for continuance of functions

Finding the best solution is a key element in conveyor system belt maintenance. It is a challenge for us to give the best that we can to also develop a customized version of our products based on consumer qualifications, other than our standard conveyor system. As we strive to preserve the quality of our system and maintenance, we make ourselves focused on satisfying customers.