Conveyor Specialists Inc. supply components for conveyor belt system and materials handling industry.


Bearings look like special screws that inserted into the roller tubes together with the axles properly placed into the frame. It is one of the indispensable components of a conveyor belt system that allows rollers to rotate properly. They can be placed anywhere the roller is, such as in the bottom, top, or corners.

Our bearings come in a wide variety. You can choose from sealed, open, plastic caged, forged rings, and anti-seize bearings. We also supply bearing houses or case with option to choose from cast iron or pressed steel.

Labyrinth Seals

Conveyor belt systems that have become old through the test of times may need labyrinth seals to cover holes and leaks and prevent leakage. Labyrinth seals help conveyor belt and rollers function effectively by suppressing leakage.

We have three varieties of these products for conveyor belt system such pressed steel, plastic, and rubber. We also have pressings and stampings which you can have either as zinc plated, self-color, or powder coated. The choice is yours.


Castings are important in customized moldings during the manufacturing process. It comes in different style, shapes, sizes, and design to fit any conveyor requirements.

Our multiple supply of castings is just one of the best features that sets us apart from other companies. Aside that we supply the complete assortment of casting, the materials that we use are proven high-quality and durable. You can choose from iron, aluminum, machined, painted, or branded with your name.  We supply different styles such as four, three or six-inch pitch links.

Pulley Drums Essentials

These are geared motor drive that are enclosed within helix steel. The provide conveyor belts the capability to reduce buildup between the belt and the pulley for optimum conveyor functionality.

We have machined steel bosses for effective and efficient pulley drums. We also have rubber rings for impact control and scraper. You can choose from natural or synthetic rubber. We also supply ring lock couplings and taper lock couplings.

Fabricated Transom

Our choices include customer drawings, stamped, welded, or powder coated. Depending on your needs, we can give you a technical recommendation on which version you might need. We also have sprockets, and pinions.

Garland Hooks and Saddles

These components keep the conveyor together. For instance, the saddles are additional short length belt added to an existing conveyor belt to expand and strengthen its capabilities.

We provide steel and plastic versions. As per experience, steel is often the choice for everyone for longer life span.

Five ways to keep your conveyor components running smoothly….

  • Give attention to components that can wear off easily, such as the bearings, motor cover, air compressor, belt, and the magnetic conveyor slider bed. Keep your bearing in check and make sure they don’t overheat. When they become too hot, it is a sign that they need some repair or replacement.
  • Inspect your conveyor system on a regular basis. Basic components should be check before and after shift to ensure safety operations. Just take a walk around and observe for some leaks. Listen to the conveyor as it functions. Does it have funny or quirky noises? Look at the condition of the components of the basic parts that are running all the time. Are they wearing off?
  • Replace old motor parts to prevent malfunctioning while in the operation. Make sure to clean the oil and gear lube to prevent lump from forming and blocking the conveyor passage.

How to know when to replace your conveyor system?

Every company has its own life span or threshold when to replace your conveyor system. For some conveyor companies the cost to repair is 60 to 70 percent of the replacements – it all depends on your supplier. To make sure that everything can work out well, don’t hesitate to contact your company.