conveyor belt maintenance

Safety Precaution Checklist for Standard Conveyor Maintenance

Standard conveyor maintenance should not be taken lightly. A lot of accidents occur because the

personnel assigned to a specific tasks do not realize the importance of safety until dangers start to

unfold. As a result, companies are faced by personal injury claims which often cost more than their

regular operations. For this reason, companies are placed in a difficult situation wherein they have to

close for bankruptcy and serious violation.

If you operate a manufacturing business, maintenance and safety should come first. This rule of the

thumb has been around since time immemorial. In this article, you will learn some important safety

precautions for standard conveyor system maintenance.

1. Maintenance should always be done after conveyor operations. Turn off the circuit breaker and

make sure that the personal padlocks on the conveyor are all disconnected when performing

some repairs. When you troubleshoot while the conveyor is running, you could end up in a

serious accident.

2. Clear the area and make sure everyone are in a safe place when restarting the conveyor. For

more efficient facilitation, it is best that you headcount your crews before and after


3. Clean up spilled materials and lubricants which could harm co-workers. Maintain good

housekeeping around the conveyor area and make sure that it is cleaned up all the time. This

helps prevent corrosion and potential contamination to your standard conveyor system.

4. Replace safety guards and protective devices before placing the conveyor back in operation. If

you run the conveyor with the chain drive guards, you could end up in a huge disaster.

5. Maintenance personnel should be vigilant for all hazardous conditions. No one can really assure

when an accident can happen but removing sharp edges and other protruding objects can help

avoid mishaps.

6. String air hoses and drop cords to avoid tripping accidents within the area. Also clear hams in

the conveyor system every after its operations to ensure smooth and safe operation for the next


7. Always carry the maintenance tools in a pouch and box. Always count them to make sure that

nothing is left in the conveyor vicinity and that your tools are complete after you use them. If

after counting your tools, you discover that one is missing, then you will know that you have

probably left it somewhere.

8. Use the correct tools for each job. If you do not have enough tools, it is best that you invest in

buying the right ones rather than trying to improvise some things. This could often lead into

serious accidents due to inefficient and unreliable repair.

9. When repairing the standard conveyor system, do not direct the stream of air to your co-

workers. Aside that it can put them at risk of health hazards, the stream can be very hot which

could hurt your other worker. Also, do not horseplay with compressed air as it is extremely


10. Do not smoke while doing the repair and standard conveyor system maintenance, especially if

you are using solvents or cleaning fluids. These substance can immediately conduct fire, which

puts the entire machinery in dangers of fire accidents.

Safety in standard conveyor system maintenance is always a must. Aside that accidents can cause you a

huge money, they can only hinder strong production growth. For all times, report any accident resulting

from conveyor malfunction and damages. Remember that, most accidents can start from simple

irregularities in equipment operation and your role is to minimize them by following these basic safety